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We’ve finally found something the cats and rats agree on
In 2020 alone the organisation known as PeTA OR people for the ethical treatment of animals put to sleep or euthanized 1763 out of the 2650 animals it took in.
They have stollen and euthanized pets unlawfully, such as when they euthanized a pet chihuahua while “rounding up wild animals”, said chihuahua was put to sleep the same day it was caught instead of after the legal period of time lost animals have to be kept alive for, being 5 days.
They use sex and grotesque shock horror to guilt and shame into a vegtarian/vegan diet while being one of the biggest animal kill shelters out there.
Please do your research, don’t support peta
Here are just a few references, please do your own research and come to your own conclusions

Throughout time the rats have been out of control, in the media, in the homes,  in the streets, causing carnage wherever they go! Well its time for someone to put them in their place, and who better to do so than an army of naked cats?

Armed with their size, judgmental looks and wrinkles, the cats are teaming up to tackle the rat problem (while accidentally creating their own problems)

Invite a cat in and protect your home from the pests that have invaded art for the ages.

Each cat is done using a hand cut stencil, and created using layers of different colour spray paint on canvas.

Each piece is hand finished and one off.


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