Audrey Hepburn Cost of Living by Scarlet Isherwood 50 X 50 cm


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This series looks at How people portrayed themselves during the Covid-19 Pandemic through Silver Screen Icons modeled on modern day, Isherwood took huge influence From Street art, murals, fashion and the modern youth during the Pandemic and cost of living crisis.
Observing People through the people living through a global pandemic the artist noticed an explosion of social media, how it became crucial to how we evolved and changed in society observing how fashion changed people, how in the comfort of their own homes to make light of the life altering changes happening around them using bright colours, comfortable silhouettes, past influences and fake designer clothes, not able to afford the real names anymore, I looked at how people were using pre-loved fashion and then looking at sustainability and becoming eco conscious, and more aware of the world around us as the world was turned upside down.
The pandemic completely changed the way everyone lived, worked and even walked down the street.
Brighton and London were also huge influences for the ways these pieces grew in creation, the murals made years ago that had since been painted over by graffiti made by people wanting to express, or not able to find an output for frustrations being stuck at home, then finding a passion for creativity, the rubbish on the street that was never collected, and the people that walk those streets every day.
I wanted to use Icons in this series that had and continue to influence the world of art and fashion especially because people relate to these figures, and see themselves in these icons.
these figures represent how we lived during the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis, a complete resurgence of the iconic figures as we know it, through the world we currently live in.

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