Alien Entomology Cheese print A3


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Alien Entomology Cheese

Hand signed A3 print
This collection looks at beings and aliens of an another world through organic matters of our own planet, through different unusual insects that have been deconstructed and reassembled to look more alien to the viewer, changing the perspective we have of both the occupants of our world and the next.

Butterflies used:

Blue Morphos- papilio Ulysses,

Swallowtail-Papilio Machaon,

Clouded Yellow-Colias Crocea,

Pale Clouded Yellow-Colias Hyale,

The Broad-banded Swallowtail-Papilio Astyalus,

Autumn Leaf-Doleschallia Bisaltide,

Tiger Longwing- Heliconius ismenius,

Orion-Historis Odius,

Orange Emigrant-Catopsilia Scylla,

Common rose- Pachliopta aristolochiae,

Pearl Cresent- Phyciodes tharos,

The Common Buckeye- Junonia Coenia.


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