Alien Playing card 6 of spades original


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The neon nude series started as an experimental life study, it was my first time using oil paints and I just wanted to practice creating using this medium, I used a male model to create the piece, because it was experimental I was incredibly happy with the outcome, when I posted the piece to social media I faced an incredible backlash from disgruntled individuals for daring to producing a painting of a man that was completely uncensored, calling it grotesque, a disgusting display and shouldn’t be on display as well as many other wonderful comments.
I then later produced a painting in the same experimental style of a woman, however this time I censored the woman to see what the results would be and I had already been asked by the lady who posed for me to be censored as she wished not to be identified.
This time I faced the same amount of backlash for the opposite reason!
I’d dared to censor a naked woman, I was swamped with messages telling me that I should not be afraid to depict a nude woman, that female nipples and genitalia was nothing to be ‘’scared’’ of, as well as people demanding the censorship being taken away because ‘’you can’t identify someone by their nipples’’.
, I started painting the aliens on playing cards, the aliens gave me the ability to create cheeky forms that meant I didn’t have to keep seeking models, all the aliens are censored in some form, interestingly the aliens didn’t receive any of the same comments as the more traditional female forms which I found incredibly interesting, and personally I think that taking the human aspect away from the forms made people feel more comfortable with both the nudity and the censorship
Each card comes pre-framed in a black 8×6 inch frame and are each mounted onto emerald card to simulate a poker table.

20.32cm x 15.24

Dimensions 20.32 × 15.24 × 3 cm


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